Monday, June 25, 2012

I Feel Sick...

So... I have allowed myself to cheat here n there and have a treat. Well I need to get firmly back on the Paleo wagon for my stomach will thank me for it. Over the weekend I indulged in some toast at a yummy breakfast place, along with a latte, and then Ice Cream as dessert. Yikes I went over board, well not really but I paid for it on Saturday night. I need to plant my feet firmly on the ground and avoid all food that are not Paleo friendly. I never thought I had any food allergies or intolerance before. I always thought that if I felt sick after eating it was because of how much I ate not what I was eating. So I have decided after a little test that I am from now on living Paleo and following it to a T.

I want to cut more weight and the only way I can do that is through my diet and getting my butt out there to exercise. So I was a bad girl this passed weekend but I am looking to the future no sense is wallowing in guilt.


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