Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazy Lunches

So lunch is the hardest meal for me to plan for and eat when I am on the go and trying to be strict Paleo. First thought for most is grab a salad, but after a while that can get boring. So I have a few tips for how to eat Paleo for lunch and some Lazy Lunch ideas when you don't have time to prepare a full meal.

So for the last few weeks I have been bringing my lunch, usually left overs or a salad. I always try and pack more than I want to eat to curb hunger and cravings since the Cafe is close and not terribly priced. I always bring a banana or apple to much on either for breakfast or for after lunch.

Lately I have been packing my lunch in the morning so its a quick few handfuls of salad mix either romaine mix or a spinach and dark green mix, and I also take about half a package of Applegate Salami. That stuff is awesome. I can eat a whole pack with out even trying. I try and fill my lunch with equal protien to veggies. and then a small container of dressing in this case light Ranch, not fully Paleo but its fine once in a while...

Other options for lunch are leftovers for dinner, I am not too good at cooking more than I want to eat for dinner. Usually I am so hungry around dinner time that I make food and eat pretty much all of it, or Mike will eat more protien or polish off the veggies leaving some left over but not enough for a lunch. So I usually fall short for taking left overs for lunch. I am working on  a plan where I can make more Paleo cassaroles and double the recipes so that I can take them to work and have salad only once or twice a week.

Another thing that I have done, is ill fry up some crispy bacon at night or in the morning and stick some in my lunch bag as a salty treat with lunch. Or add it to my salad for some extra flavor.

When I forget my lunch or there is nothing in the house to bring then I have no choice but mosey down to the Cafe and try and avoid the temptation that lurks around every corner. I usually will grab a salad if the Paleo options are non existant. A good stand by is to order the chicken breast sandwich and then ask for it without the bun and an extra piece of lettuce. Sometimes they have an entree like roast pork loin with Asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes. This was one of my favs, Corned Beef sliced on a bed of lettuce with Coleslaw and extra pickles.  

Salad mix of Spinach Arugula and Carrots with AppleGate Salami and Dressing on the Side :)

Usually you get the strange looks and odd questions when you start customizing in the sandwich line but I just feel like its my turn to have it my way right. You can always order a sandwich and then omit the bread when your at your desk but thats just a waste of food. So I try and leave it in its place.



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