Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paleo and the Summer Time BBQ's

So this can be challenging, On memorial day we spent the day outside by the pool with friends, I was in charge of food. Being Paleo I tried to think of what to make that everyone would want to eat and what would be good BBQ food that wouldn’t be considered healthy. The challenge, Me and my boyfriend (Mike) eat paleo and my one friend is vegetarian. So I had to come up with a grain free and meat free meal. I decided burgers were out since we couldn’t enjoy the buns and temptation would be to difficult. Plus Mike wanted Bratwurst so I was trying to think of something that would go well with that. I decided on chicken drumsticks and thighs. I marinated them in a dry rub and brought BBQ sauce in case the others choose to slather some on. So I had the main course figured out but what about sides? Pasta Salad nope, Baked Beans nope, Corn… seriously why bother. I decided we needed to load up on veggies but make it easy enough that we didn’t need to cook anything inside. I wanted to cook it all on the grill, so I bought onions, peppers, and zucchini and made kabobs. I figured that they could grill on the grill and be easy enough to eat. I also made cole slaw, it has very little sugar in it and I figured it would satisfy my craving for typical BBQ foods plus it goes great with anything on the grill. I also made an oil and vinegar based pasta salad for my friend that is meat free, and a veggie burger in a bun.

I made the exception and catered my friends, you can eat Paleo and have a little cheat, I look at it like this staying true to Paleo is great 5 or 6 days a week, but allowing your self a little now and then will make you feel like your not missing anything. I allowed a lil sugar in my coleslaw but I didn’t scarf down a bag or two of chips and dip like I would have before Paleo. And I had a couple beers, but I didn’t chug the brew and refill and practically drink my weight in beer, I had a few and then switched to the homemade tea with fresh lemon that I brought with me.

If you need and want to change your diet then adapt Paleo and just try and live life with out grains eat more of the good stuff and when you cheat make it smart. That’s all for now kids. Stay tuned for more…

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