Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paleo Challenge Accepted!!!

So I have been eating terrible but this week I decided I'm going to shape up... so I have been sticking to it...This week has been crazy Mike got sick with Lyme Disease so dinner was on me and clean up and Ace alot of work. But I did it all, Mon we had Steak Tips and sweet potato fries :) Sooo yummy, Tuesday was puppy class and I came home n made Swordfish Kabobs they were on sale 6.99 a pound... and then last night we had Steak and Coleslaw. Yeah I know wow she eats alot of red meat, YUP I had a burger for lunch yesterday with some co workers that came with mushrooms, onions lettuce and Tomato, I omitted the bun and got a side salad instead of fries. Today they ordered in lunch, I got a salad with chicken and avocado in it... We are off to a friends for dinner tonight and we will eat Paleo. Our friends pretty much have accepted our eating habits and pretty much make meals around it. My rule of thumb and the best way I can explain it, if your going to your friends either make them aware of your eating, ask what the meal is going to be, or simply bring a salad and fresh veggies so if there is nothing paleo you can at least munch on that. Just make sure you bring enough for the whole party, its rude to bring back up food, and is insulting to the chef.

Another idea is to eat right before or even on the way and just have a small plate of food. So instead of filling your plate take a small portion or even a dessert plate and just explain your watching your figure. :) I have people over more often rather than going to a friends because I control the meal and know that it will always be Paleo Perfect :)


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