Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paleo, pregnancies and puppies :)

So big things are happening Ace is getting so big and we are loving every minute of puppy time, A dear
friend of ours is pregnant so we are extremely excited to have a new baby to spoil and we are moving.
Thats right we are renting a house with Mike's brother and his girl friend. We haven't signed the lease yet but
everything is moving right along and we should sign tonight. Being Paleo can be difficult with friends
but they also eat Paleo so living with them will be a breeze. They might actually keep us on track and
keep us strict on our Paleo :) Sometimes I need it.

I need to find a better way to stick with this and while I miss my box Crossfit New England I can't
afford a memebership right now. So I am determined to come up with a work out plan to stay in shape,
cut more fat and gain more muscle :). I am hoping that our new room mates can help me stay in shape and
help me create a plan to get back in the gym, or even just working out at home.

Finally things are starting to fall into place once again. I have had the itch to try new recipes and
get back in the kitchen. Now that I am settling into my job and we have the house thing pretty much
figure out I want to work on eating differnt things and having more options for BLD ( breakfast, lunch
dinner). Right now I pretty much pull a protien outta the freezer thaw it in my sink full of water while I am
at work, then I either grill it or roast it along with a bag of frozen veggies.. Quick easy and fills me
up. Leaving more time for the puppy and other things. I am eager to get back in the kitchen and try
out some new recipes. My sweet tooth has been aching alot lately so I am looking forward to trying out some new
Paleo desserts that I can make and use as a treat. I also want to perfect some recipes and desserts that
are Paleo so when I go home in a few weeks I can tempt my family with my delicous and guilt free food
and also try and stay on track. Going home to Jersey has resulted in binge weekend.

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