Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Points vs. Smart Eating Choices and never having to count calories again!

So your out at dinner and your trying to count your potatoes as one point, green beans as three and so on and so fourth. Or you have a quick handy guide or an app on your phone that keeps track of your daily caloric intake. But that is just crazy, don't reach for those lean cuisines or fancy over priced meals by mail. Paleo is simple and easy and anyone who can fry an egg can eat Paleo. So you wanna loose a few pounds, ditch the sandwiches and breads and pastries and eat steak and chicken breast and veggies. If protein is your issue or your vegetarian eat plenty of salads, veggies cooked and raw eat plenty of nuts and take your vitamins. Eating Paleo is simple, just take away the starch and make life easy. If you must eat a carb then limit yourself to one a day or one a week. Indulge in your favorite sandwich but load up on the veggies and meats and forgo the chips and cookies. I hate feeling like I am on a diet and that I cant eat what I want when I want. Try and limit the sweets and take out Sugar all together and if you must eat carbs then cut our dairy entirely, No cheese, no milk, no yogurt. Do Paleo for a month and see how much better you look and feel. Stay tuned for my upcoming recipes  and eating out guide!

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