Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Traveling, Dogs, Parties and more

So the summer has started and so has graduation parties family gatherings and the tendancy to eat out. Mike and I went to his parents house last weekend. We both have been craving burgers and I found a groupon for Red Robin, they have very yummy burgers and will cater to the paleo lifestyle and serve you your burger with some great lettuce, however Mike and I wanted the whole experience so we indulged in the bun. We did ask for sweet potato fries instead of the regular delicious steak fries. We also had fresh brewed unsweetened Iced Tea. The grad party we attended have not so Paleo food. I grazed on a few plates of salad, had a burger and hot dog without the bun. The meat probably wasn't grassfed and the Hot Dog a Paleo no-no was a bad idea but hey a girls gotta eat. I had a small sampling of the potato salad and I like my own version better. Mike and I are getting to the point where we are happy how we look and would be happier with more muscle and less fat, but we allow ourselves a few indugences now and then. We still shy away from carbs and bread and still follow the mantra of eating the best of the best. Ace is keeping us active and on the GO all the time, He is steadily gaining weight and growing so fast. We have him on a strict Paleo diet and it shows through when he eat food he really should stay away from. But he is happy and healthy and thats what makes us happy. I still cook very strict paleo and I am working on creating an easy Paleo Cookbook that mirrors your traditional dinners. I also am working on a guide of how to deal with eating at other people's houses when on Paleo strict or not. Stay tuned and ask away about anything, Me, Ace, Paleo!



  1. Did you ever make that guide? Struggling with what to tell people, 'Uh, I can't eat anything you make...'

    1. Check out my latest post! Thanks for reminding me of this!!! How is the Paleo lifestyle going for ya?