Monday, July 9, 2012

Berry Breakfast

Looking for something other than eggs and meat... Cut up any fresh fruit and enjoy, who needs yogurt and granola.

Berry Breakfast -

You can use any variety of fruits for this. If your looking to cut weight however stay away... Fruits have natural sugars so they are better than a Pop-Tart per say, but Cutting out sugar natural or not will help you cut weight!!!

What I did here:
-One Large Banana Cut into slices
- Large strawberries diced
- Large Handful of Red Grapes

You can also as a little almond butter or any nut butter if you want to stay fuller longer. Go for the ones your either grind yourself. Or look for one that has none or the least amount of sugar. Look for the natural section or find a good Whole Foods store in your area for specialty items like this.

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