Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog Love!!!

If you out there reading really want more Paleo babble hop on over to my blog friend at the Frisky Lemon and sign up for her FREE Teleclass and learn all about Paleo!! She has done it once before and got some great feedback.

She has a pretty cool blog and the most mouthwatering food I have ever seen if her recipes don't make you want to go Paleo I don't know what would. But if you have any questions keep them coming. I would love to help those looking to make the choice to go Paleo or even help ya figure out if Paleo is for you!!!

Now back to me... I am currently looking for a gym... I WANT NEED to go back to Crossfit but I would like to make some money this year and save up for a permanent House of my own and a wedding some day...if mike will just pop the question, I love ya hunny :)

Anywho Got a question? Ask away?



  1. Have you looked into maybe doing some at home, no equipment crossfit inspired workouts? Its not the same as a gym but it's definitely good for a butt kicking! ALWAYS has awesome workouts. She did her own CF for a while before she joined a gym :)

    1. Thanks so much I'll definitely check it out!!! :)