Thursday, July 19, 2012

Body Taste Test

Morning all... So my biggest thing on Paleo is that I stay strict to what works best for me and my body. I have found that after a few months of detox and a strict grain and dairy free diet I felt better all around but I didn't pin point what foods were actually causing my minor discomfort. I know now that if I eat grains and have a bagel or two or cheat and eat bread products I feel achy and bloated and just not good. I mean c'mon the best part of a ham n Cheese sandwich is the Ham am I right..

Well since we are moving and Scott and Ace helped me pack the last of my stuff up last night, (Everything but the Keurig) Because lets face it Coffee is the one thing I look forward to and that wakes me up... and keeps me from being cranky! The madness of moving means little to no food in the house and no breakfast for me. Today I am especially hungry and usually I would just savor my coffee and hold out till lunch but its make your own omlettee day and I'm already salivating over my computer screen. So I decided to see what a yogurt would do to the old digestive tubes.

I got the Yoplait Strawberry Greek Yogurt. Now Greek Yogurt fads or any food fad annoy me. But I decided to give it a try a so here is my very first Food Review...

Important Opinion of My Yogurt
So it boasts that it contains two times more protien than normal yogurt. Upon first glance it looks like reg yogurt. There was a decent amount of fruit on the bottom but not too much. Its a little high on sugar with 20 grams of sugar and 100mg of sodium.

* When reading labels you always want to look at Sodium and Sugars, if they are both higher than 10 you prob don't want to eat it. I try and stay away from sugar and salt in packaged food because I have no control over it. I do once in a while add a packet to my large coffee you see pictured because New England Coffee is simply horid. YUCK. But I need it in my life...

Ok back to the yogurt, the consistancy was alot like Sour Cream. It was smooth and creamy and the texture felt like a blob of sour cream in my mouth, but it tasted like yogurt with a little extra tang. ( No I don't eat Sour Cream by the spoonfuls but I prob could I love that stuff, eww that's gross...TMI)

Overall it wasn't bad. I like yogurt typically but not sure if I am aboard the Greek Yogurt bandwagon...

If you decide to go Paleo as a tool to loose weight and you cut out grains and dairy for a month or so or until your at the desired weight level you can start to introduce certain things back into your diet. You won't feel sick right away, usually its a few hours later or even a few days. So listen to your body and try and make Paleo a lifestyle change rather then a diet.


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