Monday, July 2, 2012

Camping Paleo Style

So I was in RI for the weekend and I had planned on blogging while I was away but I was busy with the dogs and such. We had a campfire on Friday night and I made banana boats. They were sooo Yummy, and my take on Paleo Smore's :) Recipe is below :)

Saturday Morning Mike and I made breakfast over the campfire. We brought our cast iron Skillet and cooked Bacon from Whole Foods and Sausage on the campfire.. We also had scrambled eggs and I made a pot of Starbucks Medium Roast. It was super delicious and if you like coffee try that, of course we added the SO Delicious French Vanilla Coffee Creamer to the excellent coffee... then we went to the beach and we took a walk down to the jetty and watched some boats come in and then went on an adventure for some Ice Cream, Not Paleo but a treat non the less... We forgot to bring our sandals so I am positive that I burned a layer or two of skin off my feet. After getting all the way to the ice cream store to find out it only took cash and our credit card wasn't going to work we headed back and settled on Gelato. It was eh, not worth the Paleo Cheat...

We headed back to the beach chairs and I applied many layers of suntan lotion, and after an hour or so notice I was getting quite red. The lotion I had been using was expired in 2004 so basically it didn't so anything but enable me to burn quicker. Note to self check expiration dates on Suntan lotion. We went back to the camp site and all showered and got dressed up to go to dinner. We went to the Coast Guard House and I had Mussels and Cod in a delicious sauce. I also got clams for an app to share with Mike and we indulged in Creme Brulee which is my all time weakness when it comes to dessert.When we got back to the campground I took the iPad and read my book in bed before passing out.

Sun morning we woke up early and everyone went to breakfast but Mikes Parents, they stayed with the pups. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries. So yummy... Then we went back and played frisbee with the pups, drank some beer and just hung out. Played a game of mini golf and then came back and got ready for dinner. Dinner was OK... we went to a Seafood Place and I got Broiled Scallops and Clam Chowder with corn. I asked for a veggie and they brought me corn, had I known that I would have splurged for the 1.50 Sweet Potato wedges. IF I knew the clam chowder was going to be watery I would have stuck with the side salad instead. So dinner was meh but my Key Lime Martini was pretty great!!!

Overalll it was a great weekend I am sooo tired but just need to make it through a few more hours of work today and a half day tomorrow.Thanks :)

Banana Boats Recipe:
6 Bananas or how ever many you need
Chocolate Chips
Additional Toppings

1. Cute the banana length wise with the peel on.
2. Open the banana creating a crevice to put your toppings.
3 Stuff with Chocolate and marshmallow and nuts and anything you like. 
4. Wrap tight in tin foil.
5. Stick in campfire, grill or oven for 10 to 15 mins.
6. Open and enjoy ( Be Careful the foil is hot, and so is the banana)


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