Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks and Food Fail...

So Tuesday night Mike and I and our friend Scott headed down to Patriot Place for some fireworks. We left early with the intention of having a few drinks and dinner. I brought the usual stuff needed to enjoy fireworks, a sweatshirt, camping chairs and a blanket. I thought about bringing drinks or snacks but figured we would eat beforehand so no need to. We got there around 6:30, walked over to Red Robin and put our name in. The place was packed but it was at Gillette they see this kinda business all the time, for three people it was only an hour wait. No big deal right, so we waited and after 45 mins we checked our status and they said probably another 30 mins, Ok a little longer than before but still not bad. We went to wait inside and I started to notice some empty tables. Then after an hour and a half of waiting with a few tables yet to be seated and tons of people we found out that they were telling us that we had to wait another 30 mins and that meant we most likely would miss the fireworks just for a crummy burger and some greasy fries. We bailed on the whole eating idea and walked over to where the fireworks were being shot off. I left Mike to guard what I thought was going to be a great spot and hardly anyone was over there. I ventured off to get the chairs and blanket. I was frustrated that so many children were wondering and running around with no parents in sight but of course it was probably my lack of food that had eaten my paitience. The fireworks were great and had been full from dinner I probably would have wanted to pass out. I was happy that Mike got to see the fireworks and they were a really good show.

Twenty minutes later I was free and off in search of food, and water, My stomach was the size of a pea and I wanted nothing more but a drink or five. I was so thirsty water would have been like gold. I went over to Toby Kieths bar and grill and waited in the bar line since the BIG bouncer told me I had to wait and have my ID checked just to sit down and order food. The line moved quick and once inside I asked for a table of three the hostess told me that they stopped serving food and it was only open for drinks. Great but I had already asked that question and its only 9:30 what bar, with a massive restaurant section closes there kitchen at 9:30 especially when you have a million people milling around... I headed over to Bar Louie looking for food. They told me for three people it would be an hour wait... I went next door to the seafood place and was seated right away. I looked at the menu and saw how pricey this place was, and I wasn't exactly in the mood for a gut of fish. Mike and Scott were leary at my choice as well but were happy that food was in there future so we stayed. They ordered a burger and beer and I got Wings and a beer...A few of our friends were at Bar Louie with a table, how they got a table was beyond me but my beer and wings were yummy and hit the spot. Mike enjoyed his burger and so did scott. We did order sushi that never came, but thats ok we each had room for dessert and we ordered the Summer Cobbler. It was Almond meal Cake (Paleo) with bluberries and peaches (Paleo) and wild berry Gelato ( Not Paleo). It was delicious, a bit expensive but worth it to me. Overall it was a good night. I'm glad I got to see fireworks and eating afterwords allowed us to avoid sitting in traffic so in the end it all worked out. Check out my Paleo Pup section to see how Ace did while we were out all night!  Have any questions? Ask me anything :)


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