Friday, July 27, 2012

From Farm to Family!

Since starting Paleo I have really taken a look at the food industry and have adopted the motto if you can't kill it or grow it then don't eat it. Well I just watched a movie called Food Inc. While some of it made me cringe, cry, and flat out gasp. I have realized that the more people who eat Paleo will live longer and healthier lives and we will  get back to the world as it was started.
Moo Cow!

I know a lot of people don't want to know where there food comes from, I on the other hand was curious and after watching this movie I truely know why I buy Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Chicken. Even if you buy this meat over the regularly processed meats in the store for one reason alone, buy grass fed and free range for the Local Farmers and the Workers in those factories. The poor nature of how they treat the workers in those Cattle Factories is appalling.  Its the year 2012 and its basically legal Slavery. I know a lot of vegetarians would say, See this is why I don't eat meat.

If you watch however how locally grown farmers treat there crops and there cattle you will understand why I still want to eat a burger or a juicy steak. It’s just how life is, cows are on the earth to live eat and be on our dinner table at some point. The big difference here is the Humane way of how the cow gets from farm to table. If you feed it natural foods like grass, and you let it live its life the normal way, and keep the area it lives in clean then you would have produced happy and healthy cows. Which results in happy and healthy consumers.

Did you know that humans actually created E-Coli one of the most common forms of food borne illnesses that has caused millions of deaths over the years. Did you also know that E-coli comes from feeding cows Corn, the most overused and over processed grain in this country. Yep pretty scary, I bet you that if you took a look in your pantry right now everything in it would contain corn in some form.

Now I know I am probably a little over board on my views of food and where it comes from. I started buying TRULY organic and grass fed and free range a few months ago. I eat more veggies and fruit then ever before, the sad part is, its more expensive to buy fresh good food than it is to buy processed crap. Which is funny, to think a bottle of Soda can cost 1.00 on sale most times of the year, but a head of broccoli costs anywhere from 1.30 to 2.99 on sale when in season. The ironic part here is that you need to do much less work to get the broccoli from farm to table. Yes you need to plant it, take care of it, Harvest and ship, but for the soda you need to grow the corn… yes I said grow the corn. There is corn syrup in soda, so grow the corn create the mixture of modified sugars and flavorings, bottle, package, and ship. Tons more ingredients and processing goes into that one bottle of soda versus the head of broccoli. Yet the soda is cheaper than the fresh veggie. Weird huh?

Ok enough of my lecturing for the day how about a recipe!

Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomato Balls!

4 Tomatoes
Leftover Chicken
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
5 Stalks of Diced Celery
1.5 cups of Paleo Mayo

Shred the Chicken in a bowl. Add the diced Celery garlic powder and onion powder to taste. Then Mix in your paleo mayo. Stir to combine. 
 Take your tomatoes and cut off a slice removing the top and core. 
Then Cut in half, and take a spoon to remove all the insides (the best part) of the tomato. 
 ( you can save the inside or discard it) 
Then once you have nice clean tomato shells fill with chicken salad place the top half back on and Voila! You have an easy and quick Lunch or a yummy snack.

* Fill cherry or roma tomatoes, for an appetizer or a great snack at a bar-be-que!! Enjoy

Hehehe He fell over!

MmM... notice my cute new Cutting Board. Thanks Mom!

Yummy thats what I call Lunch!

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