Monday, July 9, 2012

Green, Gauc and Eggs

Eggs and Guacamole

I love Guacamole and the only drawback to Paleo is that you can get tired of eggs easily. Its a quick breakfast with Minimal cleanup and so I eat eggs alot. Sometimes I make some guac to go alongside my eggs for some added flavor.


-Two Scrambled eggs in Butter

* When cooking eggs choose a natural fat like Butter, Ghee, Bacon Grease, Any Protien Fat. Ever hear of Steak and Eggs, Cook your eggs in the left over fat from a juicy steak, any natural will do and Protien Fats will give your eggs added flavor.

Stay away from salting your eggs, add pepper and as much as you want but try not to use salt.

Ashley's Simple Great Guacamole:
-2 Ripe Avacados ( Look below for how to pick Avacados)
-1 to 2 Limes
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Pinch Garlic Powder
-Pinch of Onion Powder
-Chopped up Onion

* Any good guac needs salt. I know I am contradicting myself here, but I like my my guac like I like my margaritas with a lot of lime and salt. :) No one said I was perfect. 

-Cut Avacados in half, watch out for the pit.
-Remove Pit (save these for later)
-Cut the avacado in the skin into cubes going across and then down the avacado with the knife be careful
-Dump avacado cubes into a bowl
-Mash with the back of a fork or leave chunky, I like my guac creamy.
-Cut the Tomatoes into quarters
-Dice and add the onion. 
-Roll the limes on your counter
-Then cut and add the limes to the mix add one half lime at a time and to taste.
-Add the salt a pinch or two or three all to taste.
-Once you have the tomatoes, onion, add the spices and lime juice to taste.

* Make gaucamole right before your going to serve if you want to chill it or make it ahead don't make it more than 2 hours ahead. Toss the pits in the guac bowl and cover with plastic wrap touching the guac, and then put a lid on that. The longer Guac sits with air to it, the faster it will turn an ugly brown color. The Lime juice and pits will slow down that process.

-Picking out Avacados:
-If your using them that day they need to be soft in your hand you should be able to squeeze them in your hand. They shouldn't be mush, but they should give when you squeeze them.

-If your not making it right away you can buy firm or hard avacados and let them ripen on your counter.

-Try not to let Avacados that are ripe sit, or else they will go bad on you.

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