Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma!!!


So today is the Best day ever because today... Many Years ago my momma was born!! Yay

Anywho, this cake is one that I made for Mike its a Paleo cake and I liked it. I was super full the night of his birthday so I ate a small piece and was like eh its ok.... But then I put it in the fridge and the longer it chilled and hung around the more of it I wanted to eat.

I made that after only a month and a half of being paleo and now that I have made those tasty cupcakes I know I can make a better cake recipe myself... and So I plan on making some yummy treats as I settle into my house. I won't be making any sweet treats until after vaca in North Carolina because I am starting a Sugar Detox on Monday... and I am going to be doing it with my twin to see who can shed more Lbs by just cutting out all sugar. That means no fruits, no juices, no raw sugar, no sugar substitutes (aka cancer ) nothing No sugar...  So in honor of the no sugar thing I am enjoying an Iced Caramel Coffee from Dunkin today and then I will indulge in a yummy Ben and Jerry's cake over the weekend and then its Paleo boot camp for this J-Lo booty.. I am determined to start fresh in the new home and get my workout plans into a routine, rather than a once in a while occurrence.

This weekend is gonna be NUTS-O with the move but I'll try and keep you updated on whats going on with me... If you have any questions, or have any recipes that you want me to make Paleo just ask and I'll see what I can do!!

Happy Friday! and Happy Birthday to my Bestest Mommy Ever!!!

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