Monday, July 23, 2012

Hmm, where are all the Coffee Cups?

So it was a crazy weekend, I planned on blogging and letting you know how the move was going and everything but I was so much busier and tired than I thought. Not only is it tough and tiring just moving, but moving with a puppy and two other family dogs made it more tiring.

Ace was up early and totally fired up at 6am each morning which was rough on Sat morning when I didn't get to bed until almost 2. Then I realized I had no half n half for my mom, just coconut creamer and no coffee cups. How was I planning on drinking my coffee with no cups. So a quick run to the gas station with my Pjs on and glasses still half asleep and a boat load of empty coffee cups,.No wonder the clerk didn't charge me, He knew I needed my coffee and those cups BADLY...

After a large cup of coffee I changed clothes and ran down to the Penske place to drop off Mike and then run back grab my Mom and Mary and then pick up bagels and head to the Apt... Well that was the plan. The truck place gave away our truck in error and left us without one. So we had to drive to another location and pick up the truck which was way out of the way. Needless to say the morning was a rough one but we got through it.

My friends, Bill, Paul and Scott were a great help all weekend. They helped bring down all the boxes of stuff even the really heavy ones and they also helped bring down all the furniture out of the Apt. and then into our house. Not only did they help move, but then they also helped put some things back together. Mike's Parents came bright and early to help us move and Momma Martin certainly can carry some heavy stuff, she was a big help. Poppa Martin is always the brains of the operation. He always knows how to do everything and when something doesn't work he always knows how to fix it. He was great driving our truck from place and place and backing up to our front door so we could get everything out nice n easy. My mom and Mary did an awesome job helping me put some things away and Mary set up all my out door furniture and my Dining room table. I had so much help and so many great people around it was the best weekend ever! Even though I had to move and I dreaded the whole thing I was happy that I have people around me willing to lend a hand and give up time on a gorgeous Saturday to help me move. I am one lucky duck!

On a side note... From working out at CrossFit and dropping some serious Lbs. I was so super energized and not nearly as tired on Saturday afternoon after going up and down all those stairs. Moving certainly wasn't as bad this time around. I did knock-out at 10pm after my friends left but hey I was able to accomplish alot. I also should add that even though I moved all weekend I had some great hair which to any girl is always a plus :)

All done moving now just to unpack and decorate!!!


* So who am I buying that paleomg headband  For? I'll tell you what, first person to make any one of her dishes and post a picture to my comments get the headband... Well what are you waiting for get cooking.

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