Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hold the Elevator Please...

So I have been thinking alot lately about how many people hide behind the fact that they are simply too busy to work out. I look at my friends and family and even my own daily life for this. I live in a third floor apartment building with a lil baby pup. I go up and down those stairs at least four times a day, either coming or going and taking Ace to go potty. I also walk up 6 flights of stairs everyday at work. So that's 240 stairs a day just going in and out of work, that doesn't count the stairs in my apartment building. I see so many people wait for the elevator, and in the time it takes them to wait for the big box I am already on my floor halfway to my car. I don't run up the stairs I casually take my time. Rather than waiting for the elevator I make that trek up the stairs, if there was no elevator I would have no choice. So I always act like there is no elevator and simply make my way to my car.

I also hate those people that lurk and fight for close parking spots at the mall or a shopping center. Your going to a place, to Walk around? Am I missing something, why do you need to park so close to the door anyways? Leave those spaces for the elderly or the disabled. I know what your thinking, Ash they have handicap spaces for that leave me alone. Do you know how many people... ABLE BODY people I see park in those spaces, its sad. The reason why so many people have joint, hip, and knee problems is because we try and move as little as possible and eat a diet that lacks the nutrients to keep our joints healthy.

I know many older people that have issues with stairs, and I know that when I had my knee issues I hated them to. The fact of the matter is that this world is full of stairs and steps. I want to be able to go wherever my grand-kids go when I am that age. So I believe in moving and to keep moving till the day I die. Fitness is a tool that can prolong our muscles to stay active and help us live a longer healthier life.

In other news, I am moving this week so I will for sure get a good strength training work out in taking all my crap out of my third floor apartment and into our new house :) No Silly Rabit Tricks are for Kids, I didn't buy a house I am renting one. I wish I was buying a house or in this case bought a house. I start the transition on Thursday! Stay tuned for more :)

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