Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ok so since we are moving I am pretty much living off takeout foods. Which is fine once and while, no prep no clean up Great right? Well I am have some serious Blog Love for Paleomg and FriskyLemon and they have been posting some outta site recipes lately that I am dying to try...

Paleomg posted this one that looks so good I want to lick my screen, SERIOSULY... Pork Avacado Cream Enchiladas... I don't about you but that simply spells out LOVE to me.

I am contemplating being that crazy new tenant and rushing in the house grabbing the keys from the owner and bum rushing it to the kitchen to create this new masterpiece... a normal person would simply ask to use a friends kitchen or ummm I don't know WAIT until they Move in a few days...

I guess only Time and Sanity from my Biffle will Tell...

Salivating Commences Now...

Try out this awesome recipe from PALEOMG! Let me know how amazing it is and make me jealous!

How about this... First person to make this and post a picture of this dinner and comment and I'll buy you a PALEOMG head band. Juli loves her headbands... Paleomg Headband I plan on buying one for myself, so go ahead and get cooking on this dish and I'll toss one your way! That is if your first ;)



  1. Moving and eating out go hand and hand I think! Not having a kitchen, or having a disaster of a kitchen with boxes everywhere is the worst! Good luck with the move :)

    1. Thanks... I am a chef at heart always cooking at odd hours of the day and night... But its almost over... Moving it all This weekend!!!