Thursday, July 12, 2012

I may not be a 10 but the Boys say I clean up good...

So I was on here yesterday and decided that since my body is going through some transitions I would show some lovin to my blog and make it look a little better. So if you noticed I added a navigation bar at the top that will take you to my About Me and show you some terrifying pictures of myself back in the day... YUCK but the good thing is I'm lighter and less lumpy and looking forward to gaining more and more muscle.

I also added a recipe section so I will add all my recipes to that tab so you can click on it and see whats new and cooking in my kitchen! I am proud that I was able to revamp and redesign my own page all by myself. This blonde does have some brains and believe it or not those classes in college were good for something.

So I hope this helps you guys out as far as layout  goes. If you have any suggestions or are sitting there looking for something else please let me know. I'm still learning this whole blogging thing. I think I will use the main page for Work out tips and basic tips to staying Paleo and how I am doing myself on the new lifestyle. So please ask away!!!


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