Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Hard to Love

Hey kiddos, Happy Monday!!! So the room mates have moved in, and the crazy has officially begun. Ace and Rip have gotten in 3 fights so far, all started by Ace Face and all over food. We have tons of training to do but I am glad I get to work on that now rather than later on in Life.

Happy New Home Renters!
 This weekend was a bit crazy and a bit fun. Friday we spent all day moving Dan and Meg in and that was fun and very uneventful. We got alot unpacked but stilll so much more to do. I am hoping to get it mostly done this week. Hoping.

Caution: Not Paleo!!!
So I thought living with Dan and Meg meant no sugar no junk foods and only drinking water... Well Friday night we polished off some Ben and Jerry's and a few yummy Norcal Margaritas. Yeah lets just say we wasted no time breaking in our new deck and Patio furniture. Although now I have 15 million bug bites which means you could play connect the dots on my left and right ankles. I also went into Boston on Saturday for lunch with friends and a casual fun walk in the rain. Yep in the rain. When we went in it was overcast but gorgeous out, we walked from Fenway to Newbury street, in the hopes of getting cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes the place from DC Cupcakes, the one with the show on TLC. Needless to say I got soaked but it was worth it. I got a salted Caramel cupcake and it was bomb!

After a weekend of unsensible eating and the though of feeling sick I decided to wake up at 5:15am and do some running... For those of you who know me I loathe running. Probably because I don't breathe right, its not fun, and I usually fall since I am a Major Clutz. I have been reading a few running blogs however and they inspired me to give it a try ( Hungry Runner Girl, GM Runs ) Check them out they rock...

Ace Face! Loves his new Home!!!
So I started by running down the hill towards the end of my street. Then sprinted as far and as fast as I could three or four times. (Oh and my street is on  a hill.)  Running and walking back down the hill to catch my breath. I did this about three or four times and then I went inside and attempted 10 hand release pushups and 30 squats… I say attempted because Ace Face kept trying to eat my bun while doing pushups and then also jumped on me during my squats. So needless to say I am sore this morning but feeling great! Hoping I can keep this momentum up!

Got any running tips for me let me know! I could always use some good advice.



  1. Get it girl!!!!! Awesome job going out there way early and busting your butt even though you loathe running! Practice going slow too! The slower the better when you are starting out. I am freakin pumped you did this!!

    1. well hey there and thanks :)

      I am trying to get back into the swing of working out... Idk if I see any races in my future, but looking to at least be able to leash up the pup and take him for a run. So I read/got advice that if I start slow, and also work in some sprints and get my cardio up that will def help with getting in shape and getting in a workout. I plan on only doing that once or twice a week. LOL I plan on taking Ace Face my pup for a light jog once or twice this week!

      Wish me luck!

    2. I vote twice! Its only monday…. YOU GOT THIS! #getitgirl