Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a Family Affair!

So yep it's happened my family is gonna try Paleo. After my ramblings of how great I feel and how trim I have become. Some of my family is trying Paleo to reap health benefits and reverse or stop disease, others simply by force since they just eat what is cooked.

I am really happy my family is going to try and get healthier. Even if you don't believe in Paleo its important to live a healthy lifestyle and to be aware of what you eat and how you exercise. I have been freaking out a little ok a lot about my birthday coming up... It's exactly 2 months from this Friday and I am going to be... umm.... 25!?!? Now I know that I am sooo young and have so much ahead of me, BUT its crazy that I am reaching what I like to call a milestone. I surround myself with friends much younger than me... ok they aren't all that much younger but hey Emily one of my Bestest friends she is going to turn 24 a whole two days after I turn 25... that's just crazy I tell ya... I hardly get carded anymore :(

So this one is going to be short and sweet….

I want to hear from you and find out why you’re thinking of going Paleo?

What are your biggest concerns?

Do you think, what the heck is coconut flour and what do you do with it?

 What do you think you will miss the most?

If you have any questions ask away! New to my blog… I am still waiting for someone WIN a free Headband… All ya have to do is cook a Paleo meal from either Paleomg or from one of my recipes and post it in the comments below and you win a FREE headband. ( In either Black or Blue your choice)
C’mon people I’m talking a free headband just for making dinner :) Good Luck! First one to post Wins!



  1. Finch! Hello dear! Now you know how much I love you and even more so love your commitment to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. But, I do have a few questions for you regarding the Paelo life. What are some of the long term effects of eating a high protein high fat high vegetable intake diet? How does the body produce energy ATP via glycolysis without any carbohydrates or sugars? I understand that vegetables can be high in carbs, but then what percentage of the diet should be vegetables? Also, what are the effects of a high protein high fat diet on the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system?

    I guess my main concern is how is this diet better than a well balanced diet? Right now I do not eat any processed foods, I try to buy as many organic products as I can. Breakfast consists of 2 eggs, a quarter of a whole grain baguette, and a cup of fruit. Lunch is a salad with grilled chicken, shredded mozz cheese, tomatoes cucumbers with homemade oil and lemon juice dressing. For dinner I will have broiled salmon with mixed vegetables and a baked potato. I've spoken with a nutritionist many times and they stress the importance of balance. I've done really well at increasing my fitness and gaining really nice muscle tone. Just curious about the advantages of Paelo :)

    Keep me posted, loving your blog and I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!

  2. What a great question Beah Butt!

    I am all about what works for you, so I follow Paleo but not strict. Once I learned as much as I possibly could I researched more and more. I think about Paleo every day. So what I want you and others to take away is to listen to your own body.

    Step 1 you don't eat processed foods, you kicked the doritos out the door and you will be healthier from just that alone.

    There are ALOT of myths out there about whats good foods and whats bad, Robb Wolf is an excellent source for leanring about the science behind it. He has tried it all Vegan, Vegetarian, Carb Free, Balanced, and he stands by Paleo. I feel the best when I stay away from grains, so I agree with Robb Wolf. Grains are still processed foods. Alot of people wonder about their cholesterol levels and Paleo foods but Robb wonderfully expains it all here...

    Mark Scission also explains how the food pyramid should be laid out. Suggesting that carbs be consumed in the most natural form and from veggies and fruits. There is no exact number since we are all different and our bodies react differently.

    When I started this I though similar to you, as long as I follow a well balanced diet I'll be good. That didn't and hasn't worked for me. I think it's because the word healthy gets thrown around too loosely. Eating Paleo my knee problems are gone, because paleo foods are rich in anti inflammatory nutrients and I feel that I have much more energy than I did before. Sleep is also very important on Paleo, a solid 7 to 8 hours a night is recommended and that's what I get. I'm in bed by 10 and up by 5:30 and I am energized all day.

    Paleo is also good for people with RA or Kidney disease, There are people under doctor supervision that have cut out grains and have eaten more veggies and less protien or the same protien and have reversed or eliminated the symptoms of kidney disease or RA. The high fat is all good fats, so real butter, ghee, avocado, olive oil. Eating real foods. I don't eat any more protien than you do and I am just as full without the side effects and adverse reactions to grains.

    Paleo is GREAT in my opinion and I love the way I eat, look and feel. I am still doing my do diligence learning about this, but so far it has worked for me, just like its worked for so many others. The Paleo world is growing, so be ready!!

    I can't wait to see you to! I am so excited! Great question Leah!