Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little inspiration

So I started this blog a few months ago Because I was frustrated with family And friends always saying I eat weird I Have thought a few times whether I should Continue or not. I found out last week a Friend of mine has seen my blog and is going To try Paleo. I hope that I am able to make Paleo easy and accessible to anyone looking For a lifestyle change. The most important thing when starting any Diet or making any drastic changes, you have To really want it. Paleo is a no sugar diet, So it takes some getting used to and is hard the First month or so. You can no longer grab a soda Or a candy bar for the ride home from the grocery Store. Road trips are difficult with gas stations Filled with processed food. Being on Paleo you need To plan ahead. I'm a planner, so it's easy When you know your driving three hours to Jersey To make a quick dinner before you leave or Pack a bag of veggies to munch on.

 Some of my Paleo Survival Kit includes:
-Baby Carrots ( they are sweet with Minimal carbs and fix that sweet craving)
-Fresh Brocolli, Asparagus, Any fresh veggie, Brocolli, Cucumbers, Celery, Bell Pepper, Are all things you can cut ahead of time and munch on, on the go, at the office or at home watching TV. 
-SO Delicious French Vanilla coffee creamer (This stuff Rocks and the little bit of sugar is just enough to sweeten Your coffee) Make Sure you the Coffee Creamer... The SO Delicious Coconut Milk however is perfect for putting in Smoothies!!!

 -Red Grapes (perfect for a quick snack and a perfect treat For the summer if you freeze them)
-Good Coffee(Starbucks is my fav. Now that I don't use sugar I look for coffees with more flavor.)

 XO, Ash


  1. Love the snack tips, I was gonna ask you about that! Also, where did you find the coffee creamer? I looked in ShopRite yesterday but had no luck finding any type of natural coconut milk or almond milk and also this.

  2. Look in the Dairy section near the Almond Milk and Silk. Which Shoprite do you shop at? You can always ask the Managers to carry it, But I have some friends and Higher Ups so let me know and I can ask them to carry it. You can Log on there and punch in your Zip Code and they will tell you where they carry it... But asking your local store to carry it is GREAT!!! They always run out by me. Wegmans and Whole Foods are the best for Paleo eats, although they can be more expensive.

    Also APPLEGATE bacon and deli meats are AWESOME... best Part of Paleo YOU CAN EAT BACON... Just make sure your bacon contains no nitrates and no sugar added or sugar cured. Trust me Applegate is the best bacon out there and usually you can find it at BJS in three packs for 10 bucks. BJS in Ledgewood should carry it, but you can find what stores carry it near you... It tastes like candy...

    Good Tip about bacon... Cook it in a fry pan and then after you take your either crispy or loose bacon out then add in your egg into the bacon fat. You can cook the egg over easy, over hard, scrammbled, sunnyside Up right in the bacon fat... and its SOOO Yummy and it makes you feel like your eating normal... just forgo the toast!!!

    I Hope that helps!

  3. I actually just found SoDelicious coconut milk at ShopRite in Newton today finally! (I wish there was a Whole Foods around here!) I got vanilla flavored and tried it out in coffee and it was delicious! Thanks for the bacon tips! I have been border line vegetarian for a while now (prob why I have seen the lbs go up due to lack of protein) so I am trying to get back into more meat because my body clearly needs it!

    One more question..salad dressing? - make your own I'm guessing?? All the ones I have in my fridge have soybean oil...

  4. Yeah so Soy is not Paleo... there is a great one at Whole Foods Called Barcelona it's an italian dressing and so good. If you like balsamic on your salad that's the best, if not take a look at the natural foods section and look for dressings that have the lowest sugar and sodium. Even if you use a light Ranch, make sure you use a very small amount. Most people on diets that eat salads wonder why they don't loose weight and its because they douse their salads in fat and sugar filled dressings. You can always make your own. I made my own mayo for easter and I made deviled eggs and they came out so good. I also made homemade mustard sauce for my corned beef and cabbage and also honey mustard which is the easiest. If you like Honey mustard in your chicken or on salads, just mix equal parts yellow NATURAL mustard look at the label, and Natural honey, no extra sugar added, and there ya go simple and easy Honey Mustard Dressing.

    As far as vegetarian diet goes. Paleo would be very hard if your vegetarian. I have friends that choose not to eat meat based on both moral reasons and the fact that they dont like the taste. If its purely taste, try cooking a steak more rare or more well done. Most people are turned off to meats based on how they were served when they were young. My boyfriend Mike thought he hated pork until I cooked him a Paleo Pork Loin which is on my site :) and he loved it. So try experimenting with ways to cook your meats always making sure you get the meat to the correct cooking temps as per food safety.

    If its purely a moral thing then that is a whole other topic. I love my meat I could never give it up...

  5. Glad you found the SO Delicious Creamer... My local store has been out for almost a week, I have been using the regular kind in the red carton. I miss my french vanilla. If you have family that like cream in there coffee you can always buy that kind taste like regular cream and no one will know the difference. :)

  6. this creamer still paleo even though it has sugar in it?

  7. So this one does have some sugar in it I think 4grams so its not a lot of sugar but it does have some in it. But they do have an original one that has only 1gram of sugar. For someone that is trying to lower there intake of sugar these worked great for me, But you can also use regular Coconut Milk from the can. Almond Milk would also work too. It just depends on your taste!