Thursday, July 26, 2012

Move Updates :)

Yay sooo We took the Grill out and had our very first dinner using it :) I made steak tips and a mound of Mushrooms for me and a mound of Peppers for Mike.... Sorry I forgot to take pics...

We're cooking with gas!!!
This is our grill though.... Mike and his roommates bought it in college and on move out day no one wanted it. It needed some TLC, some new screws, a new grate and some cleaning and now its AWESOME and it fits conveniently on our back deck.

So I know the beer isn't Paleo but it was what was left after moving and having the best friends and family in the world so we finished it off.. Now our new home is Totally Paleo!!!

Last night I did a ton of unpacking and decorating and the place looks great! I also bought the largest nails in the world so when we eventually move out in a year or two we will have some holes to fill but thats ok! :)

I'll Post pics of the new pad as soon as possible. Dan and Meg move in this Friday I can't wait to see our awesome decorating skills collide and make a freaking great looking house!!!

Whats your least Favorite part of moving? Packing or Unpacking?


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