Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Troubles

I know i haven't posted any recipes in a while but that's because my entire life is in little and big boxes scattered and stacked within my Apartment. I am going NUTS! No Blender, No Rachel Ray pots and Pans, No Tupperware... That especially bummed me out this morning. I asked Mike to pick up some deli meats and baby carrots. All night I thought about my lunch, I know weird right?

-Side Bar- Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and crave juice or any beverage and think "ah I have that, I am gonna drink that in the am? then you wake up to find someone in your household has already beat ya too it? Mike does that to me alot. I usually crawl into bed earlier than him and while I dream of yummy things to drink in the morning (weird? I know) He is out in the living room Guzzling away my dreams. -Ok back to the Post-

So I meet the Property manager for our house that we are renting tomorrow night. We are meeting at the house and I'll get the keys then and do a walk through. Once they are gone, like a crazy person I am going to start moving things in... Yep I am that weirdo... Can you tell I am excited to get my stuff from one place to another... yeah.

I am not the kind of person to live in clutter or a mess or out of boxes. As we speak my apartment is a total mess, The only reason why its in the condition its in is because any moments I have been home were while I was sleeping.

I really liked the people in our complex but I never really met any of them until I got Ace which kinda sucks. There are some things I will miss about leaving Stonegate and other things I wont.

 Ok time for Question of the Day!

At the new house we need to take care of the lawn, Dog urine kills grass and leave ugly brown spots, what can I do so Ace doesn't murder our lawn and piss off our landlord?


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