Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paleo at Fenway Park?

So I know what your thinking, You started Paleo and you have been doing well all week but now the weekend is here and your going to see the Red Sox at Fenway loose miserably but while your there hey a girls gotta eat right?

Plus you will be with friends right? Whats one Fenway Frank or a side of fries, or an Ice Cream in one of those cute helmets and Beer, you gotta have one beer or two ok maybe five at a game right??

Sound like your normal excuses? Well actually you can eat Paleo at most places these days and still feel like your cheating. No I'm not saying to grab a salad you can eat real Paleo-ish foods at Fenway Park or places like that. 

Take a look at Mike's meal, He got the Sausage and peppers without the bun in a dish, and he added mustard, which is totally Paleo. He also opted for the Sweet Potato Fries instead of the regular ones. The fries are paleo-ish because they were most likely fried in oil and such and so you get the idea. You can always look up the healthy options beforehand to see what they offer Click Here

The biggest thing on Paleo that I try and remember is that "Nothing tastes as good as Healthy Feels" I let myself enjoy things now and then that are not paleo but I look at it as do I really want that or should I wait and have the best of whatever that is. Sure I can order a pizza any night of the week from any old place or I can go to a place with the freshest ingredients and the best crust and really indulge and enjoy it. 

I follow the simple idea of quality over quantity!



  1. Um. WHAT? Fenway has sweet potato fries? That's amazing. When we go to a Sox game, I usually do the sausage with no bun too, but now that I know they have sweet potatoes...

    1. Yes They Do!!! Yeah we were pretty Psyched. I found this back in April when we went

      Pretty awesome if you ask me!!!

      Hey AllieNic, I am a BIG FAN of your Bananna Nut Muffins I can't make them fast enough or make enough to last. Me and my Boyfriend are totally in love with them!

      If you haven't tried her Muffins yet Please Check them out! They are super yummy and they Freeze great. You can pull them out and Microwave them for a few seconds and you have an easy Paleo Breakfast.

      Allie's Blog: