Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paleo Problems

Since I started Paleo back in Feb and also crossfit, I have been able to loose 35 pounds and keep it off while also putting on muscle. My clothes fit better and I find I have more options, plus I feel better. Since getting Ace I haven't been back to Corssfit, and our living social deal has since expired so I really need to ramp up my own working out routine. I have stuck with paleo pretty much except for my cheat days...

I feel great and look great and like the way my new body is. Sure there are some things I wish to change but when tempted with the beer or margarita or occasional ice cream its hard to resist. Skinny people eat bad once in  a while. Well my most recent has left me miserable. I am going on vacation in a little over a month and I would love to wear my bikini's. While I could pull it off now, I would feel better if my mid section was a tad bit more trim. So for the next month I will go back to strict Paleo. Limiting Fruits and eating mostly veggies and protien I am also going to challenge myself to work out at least three times a week. I need to force myself to get back in a rhythm. So I will be completely honest with how I eat for the next month or so. My tummy will thank me later, seeing as how I feel terrible at this very moment. ugh why did I eat that ice cream last night :(

I'll post a pic later tonight and my current measurements and weight. In a month we will see whether I am more more tubby or trim... 


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