Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pup on the Go and No Dinner on the Table

So one of the biggest questions I get from family and friends is about what I do on those nights when I don't want to cook, or I get home late, or I just want something quick. There is really no quick and easy fast food options that are Paleo. If you really want quick and easy Chipotle's Salad is the best way to go, get two kinds of meat, no rice, every veggie they offer, and there guac they charge extra for that so make sure they put enough on. Another option is ordering in a salad, stopping at your local grocery store and making your own salad. My favorite option of course is getting a rotisserie chicken from the store and a bag of fresh but pre packaged green beans and calling it a day. In four minutes the beans are out and on my plate in a pool of butter. Yes I just said butter! Real butter like the high fat kind. Not the processed yellow stuff that tastes weird but real butter! Alongside a whole Half of a rotisserie chicken and its chow time! Usually Mike gets the other half of the bird but if your a paleo person looking for lunch tomorrow, wrap that puppy up and be in for a delicious lunch.

Last night was one of those nights, Ace had Puppy class at 6 and class is an hour long but we never get out on time, we always have to shop and sniff every treat and toy in the place. I shop and Ace sniffs.. just in case you were confused. So after class we packed in the car drove across the parking lot to Hannafords where I purchased my green beans, chicken, pound of turkey and a half pound of salami, baby carrots and apples. Now I am all set for lunches for the week. I told mike that the meat has to last us the next three days, hopefully it does. My plan is take whatever leftover meat and veggies we have left with us in the car on the way to Jersey on Friday afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions on how to eat out or what to pack for lunch.

Ask Away XO,

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