Monday, July 9, 2012

Roller Coaster of Emotions

So this weekend was crazy... Friday was a total rollercoaster of good and bad news. Thankfully everything worked out and I was able to get my brakes done by My wonderful Boyfriend Mike and my good friend Scott. They replaced all four brakes and rotors. :) Ace was a little prince, he laid as close as he could to Mike and he tried very hard to help. He was a great supervisor.

 Notice how trim Mister Mikey is looking!!! That is the Bod of a Paleo Makeover Ladies and Gentlemen!! Mike has lost over 50 pounds since starting Paleo in February, and yes he lost it much faster than me and much more weight!!! All because he is a Guy!!! Ace is 30 Pounds now he is a growing boy!!! But still a very Paleo Pup!!!

We ate pretty good this weekend... Friday night we had Steak and Brocolli with Baked Sweet Potato Fries....Wings that were baked in just a dry rub, with Celery and Green Beans on Saturday Night.

Feeling great today!! Just another reason to eat Paleo Perfect. I promise I will post Pictures and Measurements tonight for my Personal Paleo Challenge from now on till my Vaca in August!!!


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