Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seriously...What do you eat?

So I decided to share my perfectly Paleo diet with the world and also explain a little on what a typical day is like for this gal.

5:30 am: Sugarland sings to me that doesn't want to get up through my phone and the Paleo pup gets up from the foot of our bed, or untangles himself out of the crook of my knees and greets me with a morning kiss.. yep he sleeps in our bed. I roll outta bed hit the bathroom and then take Ace out for a short walk to wake us both up.

5:45-5:50am: Depending on how long I am outside with the pooch, Turn on the coffee, Jump in the shower.

6:00am: Get the should-already-be-hubby-but-really-just-boyfriend out of bed. He makes the coffee or sometimes I make my own when I get impatient.

6:05 am: Do my hair n makeup at the coffee table while enjoying some TV and Ace sitting on my lap...

6:20 am: Me and Mike catch up and discuss or day and plans for that evening, or he goes on his comp and I check out FB and my blog and the ever so exciting Traffic on the iPad while we finish our coffee.

6:40am: Dressed and ready I throw either some frozen fruit in the old blender or I make Coffee number 2 in either the Hot or Cold form and head out. When I pack my lunch I feel extra happy for the day!!!
Today I had a smoothie :)

I usually enjoy and sip my smoothie until about 10am...

Today I snacked on my banana that I brought at around 10:30...I also had a half cup of water.

12:00pm I took out my lunch :) Five pieces of rolled oven and herb roasted turkey breast, Three slices of Genoa Salami, Baby carrots and Ranch Dressing, and a Fuji apple.

Notice my awesome Rachel Ray Lunch Bag... this thing rocks it has two zipper parts, one for the contents of my lunch and the other an ice pack... True investment :)

I don't usually snack during the day... I'll prob leave my apple for later and eat it if I really want it... Sometimes I run and grab a coffee if I am feeling in need of a boost.

This will last me until about 7 when I can eat my yummy dinner which is inspired by the lovely chick from PaleoMG I will be making her Mexican burgers for myself my guy and two friends...

Check out what I will be making later :)

I don't snack much after dinner unless I choose or get persuaded to grab an Ice Cream on a rare ocassion... Wine and beer have found there way in as a treat after dinner though... ohh and these scrumptious little bites I got for Mike when he was sick with Lyme Disease...
These are good if you want to cheat but not feel soooooo bad because they are in fact SOOOO Delicious :)

Confused ask me anything!!!


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