Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sugar Detox Challenge

So thats right... I started the Sugar Detox Challenge and I am Challenging my Twinner to see who can stay away from the sugary goodness for four weeks and drop some LBs while doing it. Rules are simple you don't eat sugar, natural or processed. So anything containing sugar is an obvious avoid and fruits are also out because they contain sugar!

We are super cute! I know right. This picture is from our 21st Bday yep thats right I said OUR. We are twins, identical twins... and I am sad that our picture bank is low in the recent years and so we will have to fix that PRONTO!!!

So I decided to do this sugar detox because I found myself cheating and indulging a little too much and falling off the wagon so to speak. So I am trying to reset myself by avoiding that sugary goodness I love soooo much. The hardest part will most definitely be the wine and fruit... But hey I stop the detox on the day we leave for NC. So hopefully I'll be trimmer and Bikini ready and I won't crave it so much when we are on vaca.

Sometimes it's good to avoid certain foods that you think your eating too much of. If you think you are drinking too much coffee go on  a caffeine detox, or do you eat bacon at every meal and even for a snack then go on a bacon detox...( ok that last one was just  a joke). The important part is to understand why you eat what you eat and the reasons behind it.

So I'll go home and weigh myself tonight so I have a launching pad and I'll report back later. 4 weeks no sugar... Do you think I can do it?

Would you ever try a Sugar Detox? Who do you think will win Me or my Twin Lindz?



  1. Hey Ash,

    Just some interesting info (at least I think it is) on the sugar detox. I'd say you're best off limiting the detox to removing added sugar (table sugar, honey, and maple syrup) from foods and removing fruits other than berries from your diet. It is literally impossible to remove all sugar. There is sugar in staple vegetables such as broccoli and carrots. So you really would not be able to eat much of anything if you were to eliminate it all.

    I think if you stay in Ketosis (less than 100g of carbs a day) through the 4 weeks you should be golden (assuming your body is ok with this). I guess my reccomendation is to cut all added sugar, most of your fruit, and all nuts for the best result. Good luck!!

  2. Yep thats my plan. Obviously it's impossible to eliminate all sugar, but my daily Banana or fruit smoothie is no longer an option for breakfast for the next four weeks. I am bummed that I choose to do this now since I just discovered the deliciousness of fresh ground Nut Butters from Whole Foods. Now that we live Super Uber Close :)

    But in Four weeks I'll be lighter and stronger and that Nut butter and all the fruit will taste that much yummier :) But thanks Dan!