Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Paleo Fad... Diet?

Yuck that title makes me cringe.... Like really cringe, A long time ago when I started this whole thing I looked at Paleo as a diet. I thought my love of Pasta would never be broken and that once I got to the right weight I would be happy and could eat like I used to. BUT thats how I keep getting fat?

My entire life I have been skinny and fat. I wasn't born with awesome genetics and can eat anything I want with minimal exercise (cough, cough Amanda). Nope I was born with the luck that if you eat that ice cream the size of your head your ass will grow and so will your love handles, ( which no one loves) and that muffin top will forever keep popping out whilst jean companies keep making the jeans smaller and tighter... Whats up with that anyways? Why do we wear our jeans so darn tight?

Anywho... I started this blog for the simple fact that I was sick and tired of getting flack for wanting to be healthy. I have never once pushed my belief of Paleo on anyone, I just simply try and educate when asked, or when writing. I feel and look great and have lost a ton of weight and kept it off. I am finally that person I have always wanted to be. The problem with Paleo is that people don't understand it.

I went to school for broadcasting and one reason I am not in a newsroom today is because the messages that the media send out are not always true. People hear a study that is flashed on the news for 30 seconds that eggs are bad, so with out any question they run to the fridge and chuck those suckers out, IF I bring deviled eggs to a party I am then told to watch my egg consumption based on a silly rumor and media propaganda.

Let's face it you can't believe everything you hear and read online. I have read so many articles that bad mouth eggs and label them as cholesterol feeding devils, but not one reason why eggs are bad? They just ramble on for paragraph after paragraph about how there WAS a study and in the past... well I dont live in the past and things have changed. Dont you think some new studies should be run and new scientific evidence that clearly states that an egg a day will kill me.

The fact of the matter is that every single person is responsible for how they eat and what they eat. I choose to eat this way and I LOVE IT! I feel great, look hot, and I plan on raising my Pup and my Kids Paleo. You don't have to eat Paleo, or even care that I eat Paleo. I just ask that people stop passing judgement and worry about their own health and respect my wishes to eat the way I eat and feed my family the way I want.

I make some pretty tasty food and Hey maybe to you "I eat weird...I'm just living the Paleo Life"

 Now go eat some bacon!!!


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