Monday, July 16, 2012

There really is such a thing as Super Foods!!!

Since I first heard of Paleo I thought "ugh I WOULD NEVER give up Pasta, and bagels, and ice cream" and all the yummy foods I have grown up eating. I never realized that a statement like that could mean doom for my health. I have be active my whole life and I thought I was eating relatively heathy. I stopped eating fast food way long ago, meaning McDonalds and Wendy's but I still ate Pizza's and Taco's and Wings. So was I really eating healthy?

Dan and Meg or as I like to call them Danimal and Cheg -a -tron or the ever popular Smeagle Bagel...(which I believe is how it is still in my phone)...  They introduced me and Mikey to Paleo and the Crossfit world. I thought they were crazy at first. Then I got super depressed and so tired of telling Mike that THIS was gonna be the summer I was gonna be skinny and I decided to give it a try. I have been Paleo now for almost 6 months and I have never felt better.

I want to be active and healthy until the day I die and I don't want to have to wake up and eat a breakfast full of pills. Plus pills haven't always worked in the past. I was diagnosed with water on the knee when I was 13 I remember because that's when I started wearing knee braces, popping Ibuprofen, and watching my knee double in size just from walking around the mall. I was angry that as a young kid I had to deal with knee issues. Since I have been eating "clean" I never have knee problems unless I "Cheat" and eat grains. Paleo is a diet rich in foods that are anti-inflammatory process. Don't believe me? Check out the science from the master Robb Wolf.

I have read stories on how people have reversed bad cholesterol, Eliminated Rheumatoid Arthritis, got Diabetes in check, and lost Tons and Tons of weight. Some people want to simply just loose weight, with minimal exercise. I'm telling you Paleo is a lifestyle change that will rid your body of all the crap you have been eating. Look at labels and if you can't grow it or kill it don't eat it. Try it for only a month, seriously a month. No cheating and be strict for ONE MONTH and see how great you feel?

I believe in Paleo because I see friends and family headed down a dangerous road of doctors visits and pill popping. I am not the kind of person to preach to the choir. Much like addiction, people take the way they eat to heart. If I say your eating crap food your going to get defensive and shut down. So I feel that if I keep writing and you keep reading maybe someone will try this and be saved tons of money and time in doctor visits and fees. I'm no doctor and I have no background in nutrition. I simply tried Paleo and listened to my body. When I eat grains my knees tell me to knock it off, when I indulged in too much Ice Cream my body hates me and beats me up, usually through gas and stomach pains. (TMI I know) But its all true. I don't walk around saying I am lactose intolerant, or that I have Celiacs. I simply eat REAL foods and see how my body reacts. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Do your research don't take my word for it. We only get one shot at this whole life thing? Do you want to miss out on opportunities because your not feeling well or spend your elderly years in a wheel chair waiting for people to help you live a daily life? Fight back and fight fire with fire.

Ok my rant is over for today... Who has a question for me? What kinds of aliments are you suffering from?


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