Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whatever Makes You Feel Like a Rockstar

So its the Summer Time and your at a Bar-be-que or your on vacation sitting next to the pool. Your dreading that moment you take off your cute outfit you spent so much time on trying to make you NOT LOOK FAT to show the dreaded bathing suit and some one asks if you want a drink your options, Soda, Water, Iced Tea, Beer, Wine, or a Cocktail. Remember nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

Now take a moment and think, do you really want an alcoholic drink or would u be content with water. Your committed to loosing weight or at least keeping your diet under control so now is when you need to decide how serious you are. I have the mentality of Quality over quantity, so if I am going to have a beer it better be a good one like a Sam Adam’s (yep Boston girl right here) and not just a Miller Lite or a Bud Light. Beer is NOT PALEO because its made with grains. So if your going to cheat* make it a good beer or just stay clear.

Wine, Red wine has a lot of good things going for it, it is supposed to be heart healthy and have a lot of antioxidants. Wine is not made with gluten and therefore is considered Paleo in Moderation. Stay away from White wines as they tend to be more sugary.

 Cocktails are the turning point. Tequila and Light Rums are your best bet as they are not distilled with grains. The Norcal Margarita is made famous by the Crossfit in California. When out and looking for a good drink I order and Tequila and Tonic and I ask for fresh Lime. I normally will splurge for Patron when I order these because lets face it I’m drinking one or two socially with my friends. Not ordering a pitcher of Bud Light and drinking it myself and chasing that with a few shots of Tequila like I used to in college. The key here is to stay away from the fruity drinks and the extra sugar. Get a mojito and ask for it to come with no simple syrup. You will get all the taste and not the added sugar.

Soda is a no-no, even diet, look at all the stuff on the can what is it all? I would have to ask my chemistry buddy Leah for a lesson on what exactly is in my diet soda. So no thank you, Same goes for fruit juices and punches they are loaded with sugar and are no bueno. Iced Tea is great IF its fresh brewed with no added sugar. If someone offers it to you at a party simply ask if its home brewed or from a powder. If its from a powder then stick with water. If you need to spice up your Iced Tea or simply can’t drink it without Sugar, add in a lemon wedge or two or heck the whole lemon. For a fruity twist muddle some ripe peaches for peach iced tea. Or muddle some Raspberries for raspberry iced tea.

When trying to decide what to drink think in terms of what will satisfy you rather than what you want. If its  really hot and your really thirsty stick with water and wait it out and see if you really want that beer, glass of wine, or cocktail.

I have a great Summertime Recipe below for anyone looking to quench that thirst for fun an fruity.

Pinapple Crusher:
1.5 ounces of 1800 Silver Coconut flavored Tequila
3 ounces of pinapple juice (look for unsweetened)
Lime Seltzer Water

Add the Tequila and pinapple juice into a cute glass, top it off with the setzer water, stir to combine. Add a drink umbrella pull up a seat on the deck kick up your feet and relax.

Got any other drink questions? Ask Away!!!

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