Friday, August 17, 2012

I Work Out

So last night I came home and Mikey had our new Lawnmower up and running, he just HAD to mow the lawn before vacation... I think he just wanted to play with his new toy!!!

He likes his new toy!!
While Mike did that I took the boys for a Run/Walk and it was a bit difficult I literally hurtled them multiple times... We did sprint back to the house. Then I worked out for a while and they barked at me and put toys on my belly as I did crunches. 
I was hungry so I had some leftover broccoli and Cauliflower that was left over from the other nights dinner. I was waiting for mike to come home with our dinner for the night. Which was Rotissere Chicken from Whole Foods which I made into a Massive salad with tomatoes and I forgot to snap a pic. 

Then I went to pack and shower and pass out... This Morning Mister Ace Face was extra cuddly he gave mike lots of kisses and cuddles...

 He knew something was going on so I knew I had to tell him that we were going on Vaca and he was going to be staying with Dan and Meg and Rip.

He wasn't a happy camper... But it will be good for him and he will get to bond with Meg and Dan!
I think Mike is going to miss him soooo much and its going to be really hard for him since he hasn't really been away from Ace too much since we got him. Anywho, only  a few more hours left of work and then we will be on the road. Stay tuned for my Travel Adventures...


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