Monday, August 6, 2012

In The Weeds

One Sweaty Mess!
So today (Saturday) I accomplished soooo much, I hung all my pictures and spent two whole hours putting some much needed TLC into the yard!!!

For dinner tonight I am making Paleomg's Buffalo Chicken Meat loafs and I am enjoying this gorgeous weather and my deck, along with a few of these....

God I Love Sam Adams Beer! Summer Ale is one of my all time favorites and it tastes so yummy after working really hard!!! A Shower and beer was like winning a gold medal after how gross, tired and thirsty I was! 
MmM Beer
These are actually the last Summer Ales left in Metro West, thanks to Scotty Jandro for finding them, I am pumped and pissed that Octoberfest is out... I love it, so I'm glad it's gonna be ready to buy but that also means it will prob be gone by the end of October... So long for now I'll keep you updated on the house and a cool new challenge that starts tomorrow!!!


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