Friday, August 3, 2012

Major Fail

Ugh... I am not my typical upitty normal self... I have been wanting to just suck it up and finish the unpacking that is left which isn't much, some decor stuff but not too much. That is proving to be a never ending task.

I also planned to run with Ace this week around my neighborhood a short and easy 1.5 miles, I had planned to try and run the whole thing. I decided to spend some quality time with the pooch and the boy Wednesday night and watch some Olympics since it was raining out, and enjoy a yummy dinner.

Last night I had every intention of getting home and lacing up the sneaks and hitting the pavement even for just some quick intervals of sprints but as 5 O'clock came, a migrane had fully taken up residence in my la cabessa (yeah that's spanish for head). I almost stopped on rt 90 to get out and puke on the side of the road as a cool sight for the nighttime commute, (classy I know) but I was desperately trying to just get home....

Traffic was the worst and it felt like an eternity. Once I got home I passed out, I woke up three hours later to Ace and Mike seeing if I was ok and I felt like I had just woken up after a three day bender, (kinda like life during senior year of college) except I had missed out on the social fun part. Anywho, after some tea and two bananas and a few flavor ice, I watched Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman kill it. I know Aly didn't medal but I think she should have won, the tie breaker should have been who smiled during there performance. Aliya Mustafina looked like she was ready to cry at any moment and her sportsmanship toward her coaches after falling off the beam was awful.

I was a Baton Twirler during my childhood and one thing remained the same good day or bad day I always smiled and I always treated the people around me nice, if I messed up it was on me, sure was I upset yeah but I kept my head up and tried harder next time. The fact that those girls got the chance to compete for the gold was an experience of a lifetime. They were able to put it all out there and show the world why they totally rocked. Seeing Victoria Komova cry after loosing to Gabby Douglas by only .259 of a point was equally ridiculous. Yes she gave the best performance on floor but its the Woman's all around and you won a Silver Medal. THATS AWESOME!!! Those tears should be happy tears not tears of failure. Gabby Douglas was the BEST one out there she had the most poise and technique of any of those girls. They should all be so proud. Jordan Weiber had to watch her team mates battle for Gold on an Olympic Technicality. Which I think is dumb... The best of the Best should compete in any sport if USA had ten girls competing then it should be a wake up call to other countries to step up there game. It's the Olympics, they are the best of the best and if the ones who qualify should compete regaurless of how many people there are from one country.

Ok all done with my rant, Since I didn't make dinner or eat it for that matter I figured I'd fill your in on my thoughts of the Olympics. I promise I will run this weekend, I just hope this migrane is packing it's bags as we speak.


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