Monday, August 13, 2012

Morning Mojo

So I am back in the swing of things. I woke up this morning at 5:20 and headed out for a quick jog and sprint down the road with the Pup. It was the first time I had taken him on a run and so I kept it short n sweet. I also wanted to take him later for a long walk so I didn't want to scar him. We jogged and he jogged all pretty at my pace, then his ears perked up and he started moving sideways and next I knew we were sprinting after a bunny rabbit.

After that I decided to make it into a game and I was talking to him saying things like " Where is the bunny rabbit" and "oooh c'mon lets get that lil rabbit". I'm sure the people in the neighborhood think I am the crazy new girl who talks to her dog.

Once we got home I had every intention to workout following my weekly plan and banging it out before I had to hit the showers

 In a household of four I Mike was the only other person around and he wasn't getting up and so I was on dog feeding duty.

Ace is being a little scootch about eating around other dogs and he eats way too fast so I have been trying some new things to slow him down. That ate up my workout time so I hopped in the shower. We have a repair man man man man ( Remember All That... Did you know that its on Nick every night after 12am) so I'll do my work out first thing when I get home!

I also want to do this sometime I think it would be a blast and fun activity to get your friends to work out with you... What do you think? Work out Party anyone?


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