Monday, August 27, 2012

New Phases

Sometimes in life you realize that your in a new phase and it kind of shocks you. For example, I remember going to Middle School for the first time, it was the first day of Sixth grade, a whole new school, and my own locker and a homeroom teacher, (what’s a home room teacher) and changing classes (where the F do I go?) and changing for gym class ( you mean we don’t just play dodgeball in our dresses and skirts?). Those moments when you suddenly realize that wow you have grown up and your in that NEW PHASE, well I reached that new phase today. 

I came into work this morning with a pile of stuff on my desk and a boat load of emails and suddenly I realized that not only was vacation over, but summer was over and I barely got to enjoy it. I am in the working world and I am an adult, with a house and a pup, and responsibilities… Yes I had all of this stuff before vacation but it just hadn’t hit me yet, I never realized I was in that NEW PHASE… LOL

Anywho… Vacation was great! I went to the beach lounged by the pool got in a few runs and some burpees, and I killed it on my first day that I was mad sore for a good chunk of vacation… I got a sweet tan and also got to sport my new swim suits that I felt great in!

Saturday we did a marathon car ride from 7am to 7:30pm from NC to NJ and it was rough… Traffic, Rain, and more traffic and all I could do was be a good passenger. Saturday night we had Chinese and watched the race and hit the hay so we could get up early and be home to see our Ace Face. Seeing him was awesome he was so excited we must have spent a good 45 mins just saying hi and hugging and kissing him. Once the excitement died down we packed back in the car and headed to Callahan State Park which is only around the corner from us, we could walk there, maybe…

Guess what? ACE LOVES WATER and he Can SWIM!!!

We had so much fun playing fetch in the water with our little guy, I want to go back again and again, he could have played fetch for hours.

So happy to be home with my little bugger I missed him. BTW I don’t know if I told you but on vacation I caught a shark!!! First time ever fishing and I caught a shark that’s pretty cool, I had some great teachers, Marvin and Mikey!!


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