Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh Hey By The Way

Remember me saying how I wanted to run and get ready for that Color Run 5K at the beginning of September?

Welp... When I got out of work on Friday it was a lovely 93degrees here in Boston so after saying hi to the pups and exchanging work out clothes with the roomie I decided to go on a run... with out my Ipod :( Major Fail.

It wasn't as bad as I thought... I didn't run the 1.5 miles I wanted but I did run about a ten minute mile, and I think that was pretty good for my first run in a  while.

I had a few firsts on this run as well:

-I wore a tank top in public.
I usually never wear tanks since I hate my arms and how tight they usually are but I was feeling good and it was hott hott hott...

-I ran without my knee brace.
Since I have had water on my knee and several other knee injuries due to Baton twirling and dance and Tennis I usally baby my knee but I went with out the brace and it was ok...

- I didn't hate running without my Ipod.

-I didn't hide behind the "too hot" excuse and I just ran.

Yep One Hot Mess

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