Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Like the new pics?

Yeah I decided I needed to spice up my blog a bit, I plan on doing some more updates after vaca, but I was itching to make some lil changes... What do you think?

Last night I planned to have a hair cut date with Mikey Poo and then a dinner date at WF followed by a long walking date with my main man and the pup... That didn't happen.

I was going to have a night off from cooking and get to take Ace Face on a long walk and just hang, but Mike got stuck at work, so I got my haircut while I waited for him and then realized that I now needed to make dinner.

So I went to whole foods and got 1 Chicken Teriyaki Kabob, and one LARGE steak, along with some strawberries and some grapes. Weird mix I know… But I hadn’t planned to cook so I had to think quick and I was hungry and not sure what I wanted. ( Sorry no pic )

Dinner came out great we split the steak and the Kabob and I also made mixed veggies that I had at home. Mike chased his dinner with half a bottle of applesauce, cuz he’s weird and we snacked on red grapes while we relaxed with Dan and Meg… It was a relaxing night and I always love those. 


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