Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sick Puppy

I woke up with no voice yesterday morning. Ace was a bit confused seeing me open my mouth and no sound come out. After taking him out at 5:30am I laid back down in bed and he curled up next to me. Mikey Poo got me medicine and even made me yummy eggs with carmelized onion in them. He told me eating would help my tummy, and for once he was right.

I had a rough start to the day and since I could barley speak or swallow without wanting to cry I decided to do something I never do and take a sick day.

I had about an egg and some onions for breakfast, luckily Mike scarfed down my remaining eggs, leaving no eggs behind. Then I slept until about 9:30 when I freaked out a little for waking up realizing the day and time and that I was still in bed.

I watched some TV and went through my email and sipped several cups of hot tea... I had no appetite but around 1pm I decided to polish off some salad with some ham and it hit the spot. After another cup of tea and some play time with Ace it was back to the couch.

I got really interested in the show on TLC My 600LB life.

Delicious but FULL OF SUGAR!!!
It really was interesting and heart breaking to watch. I have struggled with my weight so I understand how difficult this can be for MANY people. Which is why I so strongly believe in PALEO. So many people eat the wrong kinds of food and stay away from good healthy foods because of the stigmas placed around everything.

Take a look at these cereals, they boast that they are full of whole grains, but what about the fact that Cinnamon Toast Crunch, while yummy is full of sugar coated whole grain squares??? Does that make any sense?

All of these cereals pack whole grains that are supposed to be good for us but they also pack a ton of sugar. Any normal person looking to loose weight or maintain a healthy diet is being told that this is healthy because it packs whole grains?
I have a big problem with food labels and what is deemed healthy and low fat. For instance, how does one make LOW FAT MAYO? Mayo is simply made my emulsifying eggs and oil with salt and pepper... that's it... The Mayo in the container in your fridge has preservatives that somehow make it live on a store shelf for however long and then live in your pantry or fridge all dependent on whether you "broke the seal".

So exactly what is in your hellmans Mayo? And how can there be low fat mayo? how do you make eggs and oil low fat?

Ok my rant if over for today... Last nights dinner was made my Meggles. She made Crock Pot chicken. 3 Pounds of chicken breast go in and 2 jars of salsa, out comes yummy moist shredded chicken in a salsa gravy talk about YUM!

Tonights dinner is at B&G Oysters
With my favorite person in the world Leah!!! Ahhh Tune in for more of that tomorrow :)


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