Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Kind of Love

Since I have been paleo I have really notice a strong change in my taste buds. I really look for flavor rich foods, I am more apt to try spicier foods and no longer even have a will or want to eat pasta. I salivate when it comes to meat proteins and sugar is totally out of my vocabulary.
I haven't had soda in such a long time and instead I have gone to my new favorite Raspberry Lime Seltzer. I love it. It gives me the sense that I am drinking a treat rather than bland carbonated water and I love it. The best part is there is ABSOLUTLY NOTHING IN IT but carbonation...

Last night I went grocery shopping and then when I got home, Mike and I went for a quick mile run. It took us only 10 mins to run a mile.. Not bad. Then I made dinner. Sirlion steak and sweet potato tater tots. I made over a pound of meat for us to share and a good helping of sweet potato so we were full.

Then the little buggers, got into fight and my hand ended up in one of there mouths, can u say ouch. I cried like a little girl. It hurt really bad. Working on fixing that ASAP....

Tonight Ace Face goes to see Dr. Moore

I am sure he will be happy to see him and hopefully his heartworm test comes back negative. It should he eats those pills like candy. Off to the doctor tonight and then a few stops to the store on the way home.


Ever have any issues with fights and dogs and how to stop that, or deal with food aggression in dogs? Advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. walk the dogs together. on their own leashes but just walk them non stop. it will help!