Friday, August 10, 2012

Still Battling

Last night I did what I normally do when I am sick and fed up with feeling like crap and trying to fake that I am not sick only to feel awful the next morning, So I called Mary.

(Mary is basically like a second mom to me she is my mom's BFFL and honestly she is always a great help when I can't reach my momma.... I tried to find a good pic. and I discovered that I have NO new Pics of us... I am going to have to change that come Vacation)

Anywho... I called Mary on my way home, I told her I think I have post nasal drip and she told me to get saline solution for my nose and some allergy medicine for something... I forget... So on my way home I stopped and got my stuff and hurried home to find out Ace had been a lil punk and got into TWO fights with Rip. So I did what any normal person would do and sat on the kitchen floor and fed him his whole cup of food one Kernel at a time... (he's developed some kind of food aggression and hoovers his food unless I control it.)

They really do love each other... Ace just loves food more!

  So I worked with Ace for about 45 mins getting him to calm down and eat slow and be O.K. with Ripley there and know he wasn't going to eat his food. Once we were finished it was too dark to run and Mikey was hungry so he cooked up some Salmon burgers and I started to prep some fresh Broccoli for roasting... It was all coming together and by 8pm we sat down to eat and my appetite had wandered away somewhere...So I had two bites and retired to the couch where I passed out until 11:30...Idk I don't just go to bed, I know I am going to fall asleep. I'm hoping the combo of the Saline and Claritin help knock this outta me. So I can get back on track, cross your fingers.


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