Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sugar Detox Update

Ok so ya know that Sugar Detox I was working on, Yeah its over with. I tried really hard but it made me CRAVE sweets and I really want to be successful and tone and loose more fat so I decided to go strict Paleo. Also my new roomies wanted to start our very own House Paleo Challenge and so I figured I'd give up one contest for another. I am still in "contest" with my twinner to see who can accomplish there goal by Vaca in two short weeks, oh and I still can't find my Scale :( Hopefully I can tonight when I go home.
Ace is sooo Lil and My Twinner is sooo Cute...
I played Tennis last night and lets just say that Mike and Paul aren't going pro any time soon. I know I was a bit rusty but I just want to volley with someone sooooo bad... I did get some exercise and I definately broke a sweat so it was a win-win. My plan is go home and take Ace Face for a quick run/walk when I get home from work. I plan on running as much and as far as I can and walking as less as possible.

I am working on a fitness plan and I have decided that I am going to work in Fun Fitness with Hardcore Crossfit Workouts. There are plenty of WOD's that I can do at home and so I plan on doing them. I also am gonna do a weekly fitness plan to help keep me on track. Now that I am moved in expect to see a TON more recipes from me. Meg just got a new cookbook and I can't wait to try Soooo many things and also the recipes that I have been gathering in my email.

Wanna see this weeks Fitness Plan?

Fitness Plan
Monday- Sprints ( 30 Squats, 30 Pushups)
Tuesday- Tennis 1 Hour
Wednesday- Light Jog w/ Ace
Thursday- Rest Day
Friday- Sprints ( 30 Pushups, 30 Burpees)
Saturday- Rest Day
Sunday- Light Jog w/ Ace

HS Senior Trip Circa 2006

      Fun Fact: I used to LOVE this picture of me and shoot for that body again. and honestly I was kinda thin in that picture but hey I had NO MUSCLE. I want some muscle, "uh excuse me, can I get an order of heck yeah check out my guns over here, tickets to the gun show anyone"  yep that kinda muscle.

Mel My fav Coach from CFNE
                   Yea I want to look like Mel. She is awesome and sports some pretty rocking muscles of her own. I know I WILL have that kind of muscle someday, heck maybe even more. Every sprint, pushup, pull up attempt gets me closer and closer to my goal and I WILL have the muscle I want.

So Question of the Day- Do you think Muscles on a girl are Sexy?


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