Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a great day. Ace was up early again, 8am or so. I got up and started to do some unpacking while Mike showered. Then we had coffee and breakfast and then I cuddled with the boys on the couch.

Ace has such a devilish look on his I love that lil guy so much. Ripley wasn't acting quite himself so I think he wanted the cuddle session real bad.

Apparently the mini photosession tired us all out because I fell asleep with the pups and I never did see how that bathroom makeover came out. I did however feel great after my nap and the pups were all up and engergized as well. They were super comfy and cuddly to snuggle with :)

After our nap I got started on my projects for the day, fixing front steps, hanging my hutch ( impossible task so much harder than it had to be ) and unpacking the second bedroom. The house is mostly finished, I need to buy a desk and I will be all done. THANK GOD! Mike's sister came over to see the house, we all had sushi and had a great time overall. I love the new house and I wouldn't want it any other way!


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