Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up All Night

Last night was rough... going to bed was a challenge. I am getting over Something, a cold, post nasal drip, IDK what I had or have but last night I was coughing every two seconds. In the middle of the night I got up grabbed Ace Face and moved my pillow to the end of the bed and slept like that with ace cuddled in my arms like a teddy bear.

He actually stayed there for a while, he must have known that I was not feeling well because he simply sighed and passed out. I did wake up with a confused BF however. He was woke up by a tail in his face, instead of his pretty coughing-hacking-up-a-lung girl freind. LOL Its quite funny actually Ace was laying on my other pillow at the head of my bed with his Butt in Mikey's face and Mikey was confused as to how I got all turned around.
Ace Face is Pooped after our restless night of sleep... hes so tired he came out of his crate at lunch and passed out on the couch.

On the Agenda today after work... is a hair cut...
I leave for vacation in a while and I need a lil trimming. Let's face it aside from straightening my hair Friday night it will probably live in a bun or pony tail or be tousled with mouse the entire vacation.

After a quick hair cut date with Mike were gonna grab dinner and then head home, lace up Ace and take him on a nice long walk! Sounds like a great way to end the day if you ask me... Now if only it was 5pm...


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