Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is a Workout?

This week I haven't worked out at ALL !?!?!? WTF mate... Yup I came home Monday night with a scratchy sore throat, after taking some medicine and passing out on the couch early I figured I would simply workout Tues thru Fri and rest then make a rest day either Sat or Sun. Welp when I woke up sick on Tues morning and called out of work, working out was out of the mix.

Ripley was a big 'ol Cuddle Bug, that is his favorite part of the couch!!!

I wanted to get up early on Wed and do a quick sprinting workout with some Pushups and sit ups added in and maybe a few burpees, but I woke up feeling like death on Wed, Instead I headed for the medicine boiled a gallon of tea to cool my red throat.

Today is the same kinda deal except I AM going to workout tonight... I need to... I had a lobster roll last night and some fries, I need to get my body back into the groove of working out. Afterall I am going on vacation soon and will be spending precisely every waking moment in my bathing suit... I gotta get something going... maybe a run will be just what I need to kick this thing, a run a yummy Paleo dinner and some reading before bed tonight... Sounds like just the cure.

I did also gargle with Salt water this morning since my momma and nana told me too... I hate gargling with salt water its soooo gross, but it did make my throat feel better for like 5 minutes...

The hardest part of working out is making up your mind to actually do it. Once I get into a routine I am usually fine, I know what to do and when to do it. Mind over matter


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  1. That's the spirit but if you start feeling bad, make sure you rest. In the end your body will thank you :)