Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Getting Sued... JK

So my lovely twin sister thought it was funny to give me a heart attack. I got one of those junk mail things in the mail stating that they wanted to buy my car, but it came in  a  fancy smancy envelope so my twin was intrigued. She opened it told me what it was and then decided to joke that I was being sued.... yeah not to funny when I'm over 300 miles away and at work and having the strangest day of my life...

Thanks Lindz, I love you too...

Anywho, Today was a strange day but it started out with a yummy new breakfast favorite the two ingredient pancake created by one of my favorite bloggers ever
This is what her pancakes look like....CarrotsNCake
Yeah one day I will make beauties like this.... back to the drawing board tomorrow morning. I didn't snap a pic because mine looked nothing like this.

I have thought about going back to how I ate before Paleo and its not gonna happen. I like the challenge of creating new and yummy meals and living different and cool, and trying things I probably would have avoided. So I am looking forward to a life of invention and creation. After all we only get ONE life.

Sept. is like a blink away, and Fall is starting next week and its my favorite time of the year... I am going to make a Thanksgiving Dinner soon...If you have to ask Why... then I leave you with Three words... Pumpkin Chiffon Pie from Make it Paleo....

the Pie isn't in here but Look at that food... YUM YUM YUM

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