Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Picking


This weekend the love of my life came to visit me and I was a VERY happy camper!!
This is a Throwback from College!!!
Look how B-E-A-UTIFUL she is!!!

So Friday night we hung out and had Paleo Burgers and just caught up on our lives. Saturday I made eggs and Bacon and we went Shopping to Christmas Tree Shop and Five Below and then we spent a little while driving around looking at houses and talking about girlie things. Then OF COURSE... We went home and painted our nails. Em tried OPI's new Gel nail polish and we learned a big lesson, ALWAYS assist Emily in nail painting! Love ya Emily!!!

Then we went out for a sushi dinner and then came back to hang out and watch some TV movies. It was such a laid back weekend but it was soo much fun getting to bond with my love!

Sunday me and the roomies went Apple and Pear picking at Honey Pot Orchards. OMG such a cool place and soooooo many people.We got a ton of apples and pears so be on the lookout for Paleo Apple Pies and Paleo Pear creations!

Once we got home I TRIED to do some work but my laptop stood in the way so I hung some new curtains and experimented with a Paleo Pizza. IT IS THE BEST PIZZA EVER! Go and make it NOW....UM Seriously... Its perfect for anyone who wants to eat paleo and wants to steer clear of the almond flour crusts and its totally customize-able. You can put as many toppings and in so many different varieties.

I know I added cheese to mine, but it was a very small amount and it was a VERY good and fresh kind. Since Dairy doesn't really affect me I allow it every once and a while... and besides the small amount of cheese on top is the best non Paleo thing to eat.

Mike is watching the Patriots, and since my Cowboys won today I am one happy camper... I plan on heading to bed and reading a bit. Tomorrow I am GOING to be up early to get in a quick workout.Tabata anyone??? Catch ya on the flipside.



-Whats your favorite dessert to make with Apples or Pears?
-Is it weird that I WILL BE 25 on Thursday and I NEVER had a Pear?

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