Monday, September 17, 2012

Bar Hopping

So the Weekend was a Goodie....Friday afternoon I was in the mood for a Pumpkin-Fall-Cocktail. Something with a lot of flavor. It had also been a long week and I was looking for some happy hour after work. A simple drink, plus I looked super cute on Friday with a Corduroy skirt on . We ended up going home and I worked out quick, showered, and threw my cute outfit back on.

We went out for dinner and drinks at about 8pm. I was STARVING and getting cranky. We went to the Local in Newton and it was pretty cool. We had to wait 20 mins for a table and so we found a few seats in the window and sipped on a few drinks and snacked on some fried pickles. They were DELISH! I had an Allagash White before dinner and a Shipyard Pumpkin with dinner. Shipyard is my least favorite pumpkin beer but it filled my craving for fall...

Saturday morning I cleaned the house with the boys, later there Family showed up and we enjoyed the deck and then went out for dinner at another bar in Newton The Biltmore.
The FOOD AND DRINKS WERE AMAZING!!! I got Southern Tier's Pumpking. which IS the best pumpkin beer ever

This beer is the best because it has SOO MUCH flavor and it tastes like your eating pumpkin pie which is awesome. Being a beer it also has a ton of flavor and it up there in the alcohol content, so drinking ONE or even a HALF is good.

For dinner I went with the Biltmore Burger and it was awesome. Homemade Mayo, Grass Feb Beef, seasoned perfectly. It was amazing and I can't wait to go back.

Whats your favorite Seasonal Beer or Cocktail?


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